Monday, May 6, 2013

What Makes a Food a SUPERfood?

It seems like everywhere we look these days -- from super markets to magazines -- we are swarmed by advertisements and headlines that tout certain eatables as "superfoods."

Because the term is not regulated, it seems like it is being used so much that it is losing its true meaning, making it difficult to understand the real nutritional characteristics of this food category.

What exactly IS the meaning of a superfood then? According to Oxford Dictionaries, a superfood is "a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being."

At BeeAlive, we believe superfoods are whole, nutrient-dense foods found only in nature. Full of essential vitamins and minerals our bodies need but cannot make themselves makes them truly "super!" Other sources mention the necessity of nutrient diversity, low calorie count and the absence of toxins.

Superfoods, therefore, pack a lot of punch!

Although many of nature's foods can be labeled superfoods, Royal Jelly is known as one of them, having been used for its nutrient-dense properties since ancient times. It might sound like a special jam or preserve used by the royal family, but the truth is Royal Jelly is a truly amazing and natural substance from the beehive with a wide array of nutrients, used around the world as a dietary supplement to provide extra nutritional support for energy, stamina and vitality. 

What's in Royal Jelly?

The exclusive food of the Queen Bee, Royal Jelly is composed of many wonderful nutrients and nutritious, biologically-active compounds. Modern testing has found that Royal Jelly contains many naturally occurring nutrients, including B-complex vitamins like pantothenic acid (B5) and B6 proteins; amino, nucleic and fatty acids; peptides; minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and zinc; and 10-HDA, found exclusively in Royal Jelly and nowhere else in nature. Because of this, Royal Jelly cannot be duplicated in a laboratory. It can only be harvested from beehives, where it is produced in very minute amounts, making it extremely rare and precious.

Where does BeeAlive Royal Jelly come from?

BeeAlive Royal Jelly is harvested by apiculturists (beekeepers) from the finest hand-selected hives in Chiang Mai, Thailand, known to be among the best places on Earth from which to harvest Royal Jelly. The Royal Jelly used in BeeAlive products is ALWAYS FRESH, never freeze-dried! We believe that fresh Royal Jelly produces a superior product; scientific research has shown that freeze-drying Royal Jelly changes its natural composition and causes it to degrade more rapidly when stored.

So it’s like honey?

Royal Jelly and honey both come from the beehive, but that’s where the similarity ends. Royal Jelly is not honey. It is a substance like no other, used by people all over the world for increased energy, stamina and vitality.

Why is it called "Royal Jelly"?

When Royal Jelly is produced in the beehive, it has a milky, jelly-like appearance. It is titled "Royal" for being the only food in nature used to nourish the Queen Bee (In fact, because of her exclusive Royal Jelly diet, the Queen Bee lives longer, grows bigger and produces more eggs than other worker bees that feed on honey and pollen). In fact, at one point in history, because of Royal Jelly's rare nature, only people of royalty or great wealth could afford Royal Jelly. Today, it is widely available and enjoyed by many worldwide.

Why BeeAlive?

For nearly 30 years, BeeAlive has been a premier provider of the highest quality Royal Jelly dietary supplements. BeeAlive uses only fresh, never freeze-dried Royal Jelly -- the way nature intended. Research has shown that freeze-drying degrades Royal Jelly more quickly and may destroy some of the properties of this precious food substance. At BeeAlive, we carefully handle, ship and store the Royal Jelly to preserve freshness and quality, so it is as close to nature as possible, ensuring you the finest Royal Jelly available. Royal Jelly can't get more "super" than that!

To learn more about BeeAlive Royal Jelly, visit our website or call one of our friendly call center representatives at 1-800-543-BEES (2337).

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