Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Five Easy Ways to Achieve Food Independence

This Memorial Day weekend, over two million people in 52 countries and 436 cities marched for their food rights, protesting the use of genetically modified foods (GMOs) in support of a GMO labeling mandate and to demand political transparency of suppliers and the food chain. The issues are complex and controversial.
But what does this mean for local organic enthusiasts? 
These marches were an opportunity for many locals to add their voice to a public protest of GMOs. An online campaign was available for those who could not make it in person. To dive deeper into the details of why Americans are upset, visit the Non-GMO Project's website.
What does this mean for you and what can you do locally? Do you have to take the streets and protest? No. The easiest way to continue to support organic is to vote with your hard earned dollars.
Here are five easy ways you can achieve food and health independence!
  1. Buy local – Look for products in stores that have been made/grown locally. We have everything from organic salsa made in Brooklyn to organic chocolate made in Long Island City. Know where your food is made, and what it is in it. The easier the ingredients to pronounce, the better.
  2. Shop local farmers' markets – Get to know your farmers. Local farmer’s market stands put a face to your food. You can ask them questions about their products and visit them weekly for your grocery needs to support the local economy.
  3. Substitute with organic in your conventional recipes – This is easy to do by using organic, local and responsibly manufactured foods in place of conventional "big box store" food. You can tell true organic foods by the “9” at the beginning of the five digit PLU Code.
  4. Add Buycott to your phone apps – This cool app enables you to trace the source manufacturer of your food products, enabling you to see whether companies involved with their production are participating in causes you do/do not support. Vote with your dollars!
  5. Start a home garden – Use seeds from seedsforchange.com to know what you grow! They not only sell certified organic seed, but it's a fun way to teach kids about life and nurturing growth while putting your money towards positive strides in the food revolution. Bring back the bees!


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