About BeeAlive

BeeAlive, a national family-owned and operated business since 1984, prides itself on providing top-quality products that allow consumers to help their bodies help themselves. The company has primarily served its customers with life-enhancing Royal Jelly, the food of the Queen Bee, and other dietary supplements for the last three decades. As part of a culture that emphasizes the importance of nourishing the inner body with vitamins and nutrients in nature’s whole form, BeeAlive believes that we should treat our skin, the largest organ of the body, with the same respect. BeeAlive Spa Essentials™ natural skin care is the perfect complement to BeeAlive’s holistic approach.
Feel Alive. Bee Alive.®

Meet the Team
Jason & Rose Balletta, CEO & Vice President of BeeAlive, 
with their triplets, Evelyn, Julia & Jax
Petra Stone,
BeeAlive Spa Essentials™ natural skin care formulator &
third-generation organic farmer
The Tradeshow Team

The Blogger Behind the BeeAlive buzz, Clare
The whole swarm at "the Hive" -- BeeAlive headquarters!
Valley Cottage, NY