Monday, May 6, 2013

Dr. Oz Targets Misleading Advertisements in "It's Not Me" Campaign

Dr. Mehmet Oz announced his “It’s Not Me” campaign to inform and warn viewers about rogue marketers engaging in copyright infringement and the illegal use of the Dr. Oz name on the Today Show Monday, May 6.

 Over the past several years, advertisements featuring Dr. Oz endorsements have plagued the internet, on sites like Facebook, Google, Amazon and YouTube. Email spamming, targeted ads and robo-calling have also been reported by viewers. These ads are misleading because, although the products may have been seen or mentioned on the show, no specific product names have been endorsed by Dr. Oz. As a result of these false and fraudulent claims, the Dr. Oz Show launched "OzWatch" on his website, so viewers could report violations.

"We've gotten more than 10,000 complaints this season alone about fake internet ads; about me selling stuff. Let me make it clear, I do not sell anything. We've made a big stink about this. My prescription pad has basically been stolen," said Dr. Oz.

From now on, the heart-surgeon-turned-Emmy-winning-talk-show-host will run a disclaimer at the beginning of his shows:

"If you receive an email or any kind of direct marketing claiming to be from me selling a product with my name, my image or the show's name, you need to know IT'S NOT ME! I consider anyone that uses my name or my picture to try to sell you a product or supplement reckless and dangerous. They are undermining my credibility with you and the trust you place in me. More importantly, it could be dangerous to your health. Please go to to report if you receive any messages that use me to sell you anything. To see a list of our trusted partners, please go to Dr."

Unfortunately, false claims are all-too-prevalent in society. At BeeAlive, we stand behind Dr. Oz's campaign of integrity and action.  As a company in business for nearly 30 years, our mission has always been to positively impact the health and lives of all people through our products, our messages, our interactions and our commitments. We strive to uphold integrity by acting morally and ethically with sincerity and truth in all situations, including our advertising efforts. We believe it is our responsibility to treat consumers with absolute respect by providing outstanding excellence in our product formulations and services to fulfill our mission of truly making a difference in people’s lives. Our intent of informing you about Dr. Oz's campaign is that you become more aware as a consumer, and always make conscientious judgments based on thorough research.

Bee Happy. Bee Healthy. BeeAlive!


  1. I believe the company that I purchased Green Coffee Beans from "Green Coffee Advanced" used Dr. Oz to increase their sales and fake legitimacy. Why? because I am in the process of receiving a refund from this company because I returned my product due to not receiving the results I wanted. As of today 6/7/13 I have not received my refund of $89.99, I'm unable to reach the customer service department that told me that I would receive the refund within 5-7 days of return of the product(return date was 5/2/13). Dr. Oz I love your show but I've been scammed and they are lowering your credibility. I can be contacted by email: [email protected] or Cell(210) 723-5511/Home 210-520-5620.

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