Thursday, October 3, 2013

BeeAlive Exhibits @ Natural Products Expo East 2013

What a fantastic, successful whirlwind of five days we had exhibiting at Natural Products Expo East, the largest natural, organic and healthy products trade show on the east coast.

We were one of 1,200 exhibitors at the Baltimore Convention Center, and although that number could seem overwhelming to attendees, it didn't stop anyone from visiting our booth! Our booth was full the entire time the show floor was open from Thursday, September 26 to Saturday, September 28, 2013.

What did we love about the show?

1. Attendees loved our booth and products. We had one booth that featured our Royal Jelly and Energy SERJ with our BeeAlive Spa Essentials skincare. Most people were attracted to our "Man On Fire" Energy SERJ mascot, while others couldn't wait to get their hands on samples of our soothing natural skincare. Everyone acknowledged that our packaging is beautiful and would stand out on store shelves -- music to our ears!

Our booth featured our Royal Jelly, Energy SERJ and
Spa Essentials natural skincare.

2. Attendees loved our story. While telling visitors to our booth the story of our almost-30-year-old company, many attendees stated that they appreciated such a genuine, inspirational background. Madeline founded BeeAlive at her kitchen table in 1984, passed her wisdom and mission to help others onto her son Jason, and he and his wife Rose, whose son Jax has severe allergies, have been inspired to show others how to help their bodies help themselves ever since.

Rose, Jason, Evelyn, Julia & Jax Balletta

3. Health conscious consumers are growing! According to retailers, their customers are growing more and more health conscious and interested in natural, organic, gluten- and GMO-free and green products. Many store owners loved our healthy superfood supplements, natural skincare and authentic values, and were confident their customers would, too!

Source: Royal Jelly is the perfect addition to a healthy family!

4. People care about the BEES! Colony collapse disorder (CCD) is a tragic reality, but one plus side is that more people than we've ever met at shows before were knowledgeable and concerned about the decline of bees. Consumers are aware that two out of every three foods we eat relies on pollinators, so something needs to be done to reverse this potential disaster. Attendees also appreciated the fact that our Royal Jelly and honey is sustainably harvested and no bees are harmed in the process. We attribute the growing consumer awareness to increased mainstream media coverage of the decline of bees and CCD, more popularly referenced the "beepocolypse" -- even though we have been discussing this issue for years, we are thrilled that awareness is being spread.

Source: Mainstream media is giving more coverage to the
decline of the bee population and colony collapse disorder.

We had a fantastic time, as always, at the Natural Products Expo. Thank you to New Hope 360 for a wonderful show. We'll see you in California for Natural Products Expo West!


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