Wednesday, October 16, 2013

BeeAlive @ the Korean Harvest Festival

This past weekend, October 12-13, 2013, we ventured out to Randall's Island Park in New York for the 31st Annual Korean Harvest Festival.

The Festival promotes Korean culture, food and agriculture, and features music, performing artists, celebrities and more. The Korean Harvest Festival is one of the largest Korean-American events in the U.S. The Korean Harvest Festival is organized annually by the Korean Produce Association, serving the interests of Korean-American green grocery owners and the communities they serve since 1973.

We had a great time (despite the increasing fall wind!) and every one loved trying our products. Royal Jelly is especially popular in Asian cultures, as it has been used for various benefits throughout centuries, so almost everyone was familiar with its amazing power.

We even met the U.S. representative to Korean Professional Wrestling, Curtis Johnson! At 7'3", he needs to make sure he gives his body adequate nutrition to be on top of his game. He loved the taste of our Sweet Energy and the effects of Energy SERJ for a quick boost before workouts and matches -- he even wrestled at the Festival!

Stay tuned to watch us #SERJOUT at our next event!
Whether 7'3" or 5'1", Energy SERJ is sure to give
you a natural surge of energy!

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  1. Omg!! This is amazing. Thank you for sharing the same.