Monday, November 21, 2011

Healthy Thanksgiving Eating Tips and Tricks [from Issue 2011-11]

If you're trying to watch what you eat, Thanksgiving can be one of the most challenging times to maintain the goals you've set for yourself. The average Thanksgiving meal can contain over 2,000 calories! But do not despair! There are multiple ways to prevent that dreaded post-holiday bulge.

Eat breakfast: Rather than saving calories for the big meal, eating a small but satisfying meal prior to the main Thanksgiving feast will prevent the overeating that often occurs when a person has deprived themselves of food for any extended period of time.

Eat smart: It's absolutely possible to enjoy all of your favorite Thanksgiving foods without ruining your healthy eating plan. However, before you fill your plate, look over the buffet table and make a thoughtful decision about what you're going to choose. Keep portions of those decadent "no-no's" modest, and allow your body at least 20 minutes to digest and let you know it is full. Avoid a second helping. Easy swaps, such as skinless light turkey meat rather than dark, and a pie with only a bottom crust -such as pumpkin -- instead of top and bottom, will make a difference.

Eat slowly: Eating quickly will nearly always result in overeating. Take time to savor the flavors, smells, and textures of your favorite Thanksgiving foods. Rather than keeping your head down and continually moving your fork from plate to mouth, take time to put your fork down, take a sip of water, and strike up a conversation with your friends or relatives whom you may not have seen for some time.

Drink plenty of water: Drink calorie-free water throughout the day to help fill up your stomach and keep you hydrated.

Get moving: After dinner, get active with fun indoor, or outdoor activities, like taking a walk to get your metabolism going instead of lying on the couch.

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