Tuesday, February 22, 2011

eBUZZ! Excerpt [from Issue 2011-1]

It is our hope that these communications will serve to educate, inspire and delight
you, by providing informative articles, helpful tips, and enjoyable activities intended to enrich your life and let you know that you are a valuable member of our BeeAlive family. However, this will not be a one-sided relationship, we encourage active participation from you!

• Let us know what you would like to see in future issues of eBUZZ!
• Do you have an interesting story or a favorite recipe you’d like to share?
• ... or a question about our company or any of our products that you would
like answered?

E-MAIL US at: ebuzz[at]beealive.com

eBUZZ! will be a dynamic entity, that will adapt to your needs and your desires.
This first issue highlights our potent and delicious Sweet Energy Formula, a blend of our always fresh, never freeze-dried Royal Jelly with pure and natural honey. You’ll surely want to try the suggestions we provided for "Healthy Eating" and a
great "Beauty Tip!"

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