Tuesday, September 17, 2013

BeeAlive @ the American Health & Wellness Fair

On Saturday, September 14, BeeAlive exhibited at the American Health & Wellness Fair at Brookdale Park in Montclair (or Bloomfield depending on who you ask), New Jersey. The mission of the fair is to educate and inspire the community towards improved health and wellness through interactive demos, free health assessments and the latest in healthy products and food. Since providing top-quality, healthy products and educating individuals on how to care for their bodies is important to us, we knew we were a great fit.

The event was free to the public, and since it was such a beautiful day, it was nice to see so many people outside enjoying the fresh air. Lots of people stopped by our tent to try Energy SERJ and hear about BeeAlive Royal Jelly from Lori, our founder Madeline Balletta's daughter, and about the nourishing properties of BeeAlive Spa Essentials natural skin care from formulator and third-generation organic farmer Petra.
The best part was meeting all the people who have been BeeAlive Auto Ship customers for years and remember listening to Madeline on the radio when she first started the company.
We can't wait to participate next fair!


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