Thursday, August 29, 2013

Labor Day Appreciation

This year, before you think about Labor Day as the start of a new school year and the end of summer vacations, think about it as a day to honor all the workers who help you somehow in your life, but don't always get the proper recognition. 

Labor Day is a useful day on which to contemplate how much we all depend on the labor of others, without which we really could do nothing. Think about the food you buy that's grown by farmers, delivered by truck drivers and sold by store clerks -- or the Internet we access because someone somewhere is handling the servers -- or the garbage collectors who ensure we aren't sitting our own messes! Almost all labor is invisible, but we depend on it and would soon notice its absence.

Honor yourself and the jobs you do on this day, as well. Whether a lawyer, a gardener or a mother, your contributions make the world go round.

At BeeAlive, we are so blessed to work among a team of intelligent individuals who all bring something unique and valuable to the table. Just as Steve Jobs, Martha Stewart and Mark Zuckerberg could not have created their brand empires alone, we at BeeAlive rely on all members of the team to accomplish our mission to positively impact the health and lives of our customers through our products, messages, interactions and commitments.
BeeAlive would not be possible without our knowledgeable sales and caring customer service representatives, efficient distribution employees, high-integrity accountants, savvy technology, creative marketing and cutting-edge R & D teams, precise formulators and founders with vision.
Each employee of BeeAlive is considered an asset and integral part of our success. We are especially grateful to the many BeeAlive employees who have been here for almost 30 years (including those who could have retired long ago)! Why do we love working here? BeeAlive offers a positive and supportive environment that makes us eager to come in to work and dedicate our time and energy every day. Maybe that's why the people who matter most to us -- our customers -- have consistently praised our employees as “considerate” and even “compassionate” -- because when you're happy, you bring it to all aspects of your life! 

Great leaders recognize their dependence on the gifts and talents of people around them and work hard to diffuse the applause. This isn't just modesty. Great companies are built through collaboration, argument, debate, and dissent that take good ideas, test them and stretch them to achieve successful outcomes. 

So this Labor Day, while you're not laboring (if you're so lucky), spare a thought for all those people, seen and unseen, known and anonymous, on whose work you depend. They're everywhere you go and inside everything you do. The next time you see one of them, shoot 'em a smile and "thank you." That appreciation means more than a day off!


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