Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Introducing New Product GINST 15:
Stress Management as Nature Intended

"When we discover great products, we want to make them available to our customers. We’re confident that GINST 15 is a great complement to BeeAlive’s product lines... Ilhwa is a great addition to the BeeAlive Family."
– Jason Balletta, President
Today, we are proud to announce the addition of a new product to our current line, GINST 15. Read Rose and Jason Balletta's testimonial below and check out our website to learn why BeeAlive has decided to partner with Ilhwa Co. to offer 21st century Korean ginseng.
Rose: As the mother of toddler triplets, with a busy work schedule and a very large family, it’s easy for things to get out of balance quickly. That’s why I was so relieved last Christmas Eve when my parents came to help us cook and prepare for the 35 family members we were expecting for dinner later that day. Even with their help and support, I was still expecting the typical Christmas chaos. And, just when I thought things couldn’t get any crazier, my parents were called away unexpectedly and I was left to prepare everything by myself. I then noticed the GINST 15 capsules I had been given earlier in the week to try. I thought, "Why not?" and popped one in my mouth. Within 20 minutes, I was moving steadily from one task to the next and felt relaxed. Throughout the day, I remained calm and collected, as I cooked, cleaned and decorated. My husband Jason even joked, "Where did my wife go?" By the time our guests arrived, all the food was ready, the house was tidy, and the table was set – it was party time!

Jason: I couldn’t believe Rose remained stress-free through the day. It wasn’t until she mentioned taking the GINST 15 product that we put two and two together. I decided, "I want to try it, too!" Since then, we’ve faithfully taken our GINST 15 capsules every single day.

Rose: One capsule in the morning makes all the difference in my mental composure for the day; I’m able to find peace and keep my mind focused on the tasks at hand rather than unnecessary worry.

Jason: When you take GINST 15, you become active and energized – able to juggle multiple tasks – while remaining calm and focused. Who doesn’t want mental energy without stress? After weeks of taking the product myself, I decided we needed to share it with others. Today, I am proud to announce that BeeAlive will be partnering with Ilhwa to offer their wonderful Korean ginseng product, GINST 15, to our customers. We believe in GINST 15 100 percent. It possesses superior quality while offering enormous benefits just like all BeeAlive products. And not only does Ilhwa have a great product that works; they’re great people, too. Ilhwa is an excellent fit for BeeAlive in every way. We want to give you, our loyal customer, an opportunity to try our newest addition at a special price today, so you can experience for yourself the amazing stress-managing benefits GINST 15 can bring to your life to help you BeeAlive.

The Balletta Family: Jason, Rose, Evelyn, Julia & Jax


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