Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy SPA-versary to BeeAlive Spa Essentials!

On April 1, 2012, we launched all-natural BeeAlive Spa Essentials™. After one year since its debut, it's time to celebrate the skin care line that helps all individuals harvest their authentic beauty both inside and out.

The Story:

Rose Balletta, BeeAlive President Jason's wife, became more passionate about natural ingredients when she was pregnant with triplets. While pregnant, Rose became more aware of what she was putting in her body. While focused on eating whole foods to provide vital nutrients for herself and her babies, Rose began to realize: Shouldn't I be treating my skin, the biggest organ of our bodies, with the same respect? She began to research the ingredients in her current skin care products and realized many of those chemicals had harmful effects to which she did not want to expose her newborns.

By coincidence, or perhaps fate, Rose received natural skin care products, formulated by local third-generation organic farmer Petra Stone, as a gift from a dear friend. Rose loved the way Petra used essential oils and natural herbs in her skin care, which not only smelled wonderful and made her skin feel amazing, but assured her that she was not exposing her body or her children to harmful chemicals.

That was when Rose had her "Aha!" moment: partner with Petra to formulate a natural skin care line based on BeeAlive's years of experience with Royal Jelly and bee products and Petra's knowledge of essential oils and herbs.

At BeeAlive, we care deeply about our customers and strive to produce top-quality products that allow individuals to help their bodies help themselves. This has been our mission since 1984, and, three generations later, continues to be our driving force.

And let's not forget nature! We are so thankful that the environment provides us with many beneficial resources that play a crucial role in the balance of life. At BeeAlive, we are very careful about the ecological footprint we leave behind and try to protect the bounty that has been left behind by nature, and, of course, the bees. This is crucial for the sustainability of life for future generations.

So, the launch of a new skin care line at BeeAlive, to be named Spa Essentials, was a no-brainer. Rose and Petra combined passion with generations of wisdom and experience to harvest a pure, synthetic-free skin care line for all individuals to rejuvenate their skin and help counteract visible signs of aging.

Petra, also a mother of a five-year old, is proud of the line. She said: “We know that vitamins and nutrients are best utilized by our bodies in a whole form, or as they are in nature. So why not apply that concept to your skin care routine? That’s exactly what we have done with BeeAlive Spa Essentials™ line. We use rose hips to brighten the skin, antioxidants that come from elderberries to protect it, sage and comfrey to restore, chamomile and calendula to reduce the appearance of redness, and the list goes on and on. What I’m most passionate about telling people is that we don’t use harsh chemicals, which can be abrasive. Nature provides us with everything we need to have smooth and glowing skin. BeeAlive Spa Essentials™ strives to provide all women with a luxurious spa experience at home while remaining pure and authentic so that you can feel beautiful both inside and out.”

The Philosophy:

The delicate plant extracts found in BeeAlive Spa Essentials™ can help transform the skin's condition from within and smell fantastic, despite using absolutely no synthetic fragrances in the products. In formulating the products, Rose and Petra developed a unique process they coined the "herbal-apiary simplex," which combines the nourishing powers of bee products with herbs and essential oils using generations of herbal and apiary, or bee, traditions.
Spa Essentials' delicate formulas are hand-crafted, gently infusing the intense nourishing properties of Royal Jelly, honey, propolis and bee pollen with the soothing qualities of natural herbs and essential oils. In the same way that bees utilize the pollen of plants to sustain the abundance of nature, we strive to recreate these dynamics in the BeeAlive Spa Essentials™ philosophy of skin care.

Core Principles:
1. In BeeAlive Spa Essentials™ skin care products, we use minimally processed plant-based ingredients whenever possible. We believe that the best skin care starts in nature and that the whole is better than isolated parts. For this reason, instead of using Vitamin C created in a lab, we make a gentle extraction of rosehips.

 2. Nurture the delicate ecosystem of your skin by using only gentle products that nourish it, never stripping it of its natural, protective oils. We don’t need to use harsh chemicals and abrasives that provide only temporary results. Our philosophy is that nature provides us with everything we need to achieve glowing, healthy skin.

3. Our skin and bodies are in a constant state of regeneration. Our skin relies on the circulation of blood and oxygen to bring new skin cells to the surface and get rid of the old cells that have lost their vibrancy. Exercise, being outside in cold, brisk air and getting massages are all ways of invigorating circulation. Having good circulation increases the rate of cell turnover, and gives you a healthy glow. BeeAlive Spa Essentials™ contain herbs and essential oils designed to stimulate the skin’s surface to invigorate and brighten skin’s appearance.

At BeeAlive, we are proud to offer the only skin care line in which you can find together all the benefits of bee products, herbs and essential oils, as nature has provided them for us, holistically. We know that nature has provided us with everything we need to achieve smooth and glowing skin. When you nurture your skin with these natural products, you can help your skin radiate a visible glow and Harvest Your Authentic Beauty™. Now THAT'S something to celebrate!

Celebrate with Us!

To celebrate the spa-versary of BeeAlive Spa Essentials™, we are currently offering a "Beautifully Brilliant" package, which includes three of our hand-crafted customer favorites, the Foaming Honey Cleanser, Honey Masque and Royal Jelly Serum (now you know why we call it "Beautifully Brilliant!"). This is your chance to get a sweet deal on products that help you balance, brighten and hydrate your skin -- a wonderful gift for Mother's Day, the bride-to-be or yourself! Offer is for a limited time only. Visit us on the web or call one of our friendly call center representatives at 1-800-543-BEES (2337) to learn more!

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