Monday, April 22, 2013

Make Every Day Earth Day

Today, April 22, marks the 43rd anniversary of Earth Day. But at BeeAlive, we like to think of every day as Earth Day. Living green is a lifestyle. As our company moves forward into the future, we are very careful about the carbon footprint we leave behind. Our goal is to protect the bounty of nature (and of course the bees!) that we leave behind -- it is crucial for the sustainability of life for future generations.

This is how we're going green;
What can YOU do to incorporate eco-friendly habits into your daily routine?
We've compiled a list of 10 Simple Tips to Live Sustainably that you can practice not only today, but every day!

1. Turn it off. Turn off the lights, computer and anything else you are not using to conserve energy.

2. 'Clean' As You Clean. Make your own household cleaners out of natural cleansers like baking soda and vinegar.

3. Buy Local. Support the farm-to-table movement by buying from local farmers, supporting local restaurants that serve food that comes from less than 100 miles away and, better yet, growing your own food!

4. Go Paperless. It's the digital age, people: Do as much as you can online, such as paying bills.

5. Reuse Paper. When you must use paper, print on two sides and use scraps.

6. Drive Responsibly. Drive the speed limit and get as many errands done in one trip as you can. Better yet, satisfy the planet AND your body by walking or riding your bike!

7. Stop using disposable items. Invest in reusable items whenever possible, such as bags and water bottles.

8. Greenify Your Backyard. Plant a tree or garden. Pick up roadside litter. Build a bird house or a BEE HIVE (which will help your garden grow)! Build a compost for food scraps, leaves and lawn clippings. Save rainwater and reuse for outdoor gardens. If you're feeling extra daring, incorporate reusable items like tires, mason jars, barrels and corks in your outdoor decor! Check out our "Bee Green" board on Pinterest for details!

9. Load Less Laundry. Moms will love this -- do as few loads as possible. Wash your laundry in cold water instead of hot. During warm, dry weather, hang your clothes outside to dry.

10. Bee Energy Efficient! Switch most, if not all, your light bulbs to compact fluorescent light bulbs and consider investing in energy-efficient appliances, such as those labeled by Energy Star.

Really, all you have to remember:

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