Friday, April 19, 2013

BeeAlive Spa Essentials at IECSC Spa Show

Earlier this week, we exhibited our natural skin care line, BeeAlive Spa Essentials™, at the International Esthetics, Cosmetics & Spa Conferences for the first time. The spa show took place April 14-16, 2013 at the Jacob K. Javits Center in New York. We feel so fortunate to have been involved!

International Esthetics, Cosmetics & Spa Conferences (IECSC) is the premier spa and wellness event in the country. Taking place in New York, Las Vegas, and Florida, IECSC offers leading education and dynamic show floors. Spa and wellness professionals rely on IECSC for insightful guidance to grow their businesses and keep them at the forefront of their competitive industry.

BeeAlive Spa Essentials™ had its own booth (#3713), just like at Natural Products Expo West. We met many spa and wellness professionals, consumers and students from across the country -- everyone raved about our line!
What did visitors to our booth love most?

All-Natural & Synthetic-Free!
BeeAlive Spa Essentials™ is 100% all-natural and free of synthetics and fragrances. We were one of the only completely all-natural lines at this show. Spa show attendees appreciated our concern for the health and well-being of consumers.

From the Bees!
The attendees we met loved our incorporation of bee products like Royal Jelly, honey and bee propolis along with essential oils and natural herbs in the line. Many individuals enjoyed learning that, although BeeAlive Spa Essentials™ is a new line, we have been offering our customers these bee products as ingestible supplements for nearly 30 years! With the recent buzz on increased bee deaths as a product of the mysterious Colony Collapse Disorder, visitors to our booth appreciated that we only work with professional beekeepers who are experts at handling hives. We also support the UC Davis Honey Bee Research Facility and Brooklyn Grange Farm apiary.

The Packaging!
Attendees not only loved the aesthetics and ease of use of Spa Essentials products; they also appreciated the eco-friendly glass bottles in which each Spa Essentials skin care product is packaged. BeeAlive <3's healthy people and a healthy earth!

Meeting The Formulator!
The farm-chic look of our booth drew most people in, but what really excited visitors to our booth was meeting Petra Stone, our very own BeeAlive Spa Essentials™ formulator! Petra is a third-generation organic farmer who personally hand-crafts each and every BeeAlive Spa Essentials™ product. Her knowledge of organic farming, essential oils and herbs, combined with BeeAlive's nearly 30 years of experience with Royal Jelly and other bee products make BeeAlive Spa Essentials™ the perfect marriage! Petra is available for in-store demonstrations, employee training, at-home parties and trunk shows -- spas and wellness centers couldn't get enough of her!

We had a great time and enjoyed meeting so many friendly and fascinating people in the spas and wellness industry!

Read more about BeeAlive Spa Essentials™ products and philosophy on our website.
For wholesale inquires, please contact [email protected], fill out this form or call 1.800.791.0257.


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    1. Thank you very much! Keep in touch with us on Facebook (Bee Alive, Inc.) and Twitter (@beealiveinc)!

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