Monday, June 27, 2011

Excitement Builds Around BeeAlive® Trees For Bees Project

A warm and heartfelt "thank you" to our entire BeeAlive family of customers and employees for their enthusiasm and support of the new BeeAlive® Trees For Bees Project. This past week, the initial response from the BeeAlive community has been inspiring! We’re very excited for 2012 (and beyond), when we’ll be launching this ambitious and much-needed initiative across this great nation.

We promise to keep you, our loyal customers, informed as we move forward with each new and exciting phase of the BeeAlive® Trees for Bees Project. And most important, we need your help in order to help the bees – which are so vital to our food supply, ecosystems and planet as a whole. Please let us know what you, family members and friends are doing in your own community to help save the bees...

What can you do to help? We’re glad you asked.
Plant a fruit tree. Visit a local beekeeper. Discuss the issue. Whatever you do, tell us about it on the BeeAlive Trees For Bees tab on our Facebook Page... You can even post photos or videos on our Wall! We’d love to share in the experience with you, and so would our BeeAlive community.

To send your comments or other ideas, email us at treesforbees[at]

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